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Not all companies are aware just how much business phone systems have changed in recent years. Technology has evolved so quickly that business phones have moved beyond just voice to include text, video, chat, mobile apps, and more – all within a single application. What’s more, this unified set of tools can be a powerful way to improve the customer experience and boost sales.

Here are five tips that should be considered when rethinking the way companies use their phone systems. Businesses need to realise that modern phone technology is a powerful sales tool. Here’s why.

Tip #1 – Think Refresh
If you haven’t updated your phones recently, chances are you’re missing the first (and easiest) engagement points with your customers and prospects. You should use your phones to:

  • Simplify operations
  • Unify communications
  • Connect employees
  • Virtualise meetings
  • Integrate systems

Tip #2 – Dig into the Data
You may not realise that a phone bill is an incredible analytics tool that can help identify:

  • Who is calling and when
  • The caller’s experience
  • Effectiveness of specific marketing campaigns
  • Efficiency of the sales and support teams

Tip #3 – Automate the Simple Stuff
If phones have been sitting on your desks for more than five years, chances are they’re still being used the same way they were years ago. In recent years, technology has simplified the way people work. Many daily activities can easily be automated:

  • Auto-attendants
  • Hold music and messaging
  • Scheduled call routing
  • Business texting for appointments, surveys, and reminders
  • System management

Tip #4 – Integrate for Efficiency
A phone system should do more than just route calls; it should integrate with workplace software that’s being used every day to:

  • Connect customer and prospect data to the phone system
  • Display caller records immediately for incoming calls
  • Take notes within the call pop-up window
  • Connect applications to track activities
  • Move seamlessly between communication platforms

Tip #5 – Flip the Script
Businesses should answer every phone – sales or not – with sales in mind. One of the best – and most overlooked ways to increase sales is to train every employee to use the phone as a sales tool.

  • In sales by sharing best practices throughout the organisation
  • In support – upselling, cross-selling services
  • Across the business – billing, reception, scheduling, HR, etc. should all have sales in mind

Switching to a modern phone system will give you the tools you need to grow your business. Staff will be more productive and enabled to work from anywhere. Plus, your customers will be happier since they’ll be able to communicate with the business in ways that are most convenient for them. A phone system that includes voice, text, video, and mobile apps should be a valuable part of the growth strategy for every business.