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Protect Your Critical Workloads

Cloud Disaster Recovery allows businesses to protect their critical workloads by instantly recovering vital IT systems, applications and data utilising Cloud Infrastructure. Make sure your business is always online, whatever situation you may face.

When is the last time you experienced an outage?

According to a recent study, outages occur much more often than we realise. 95% of respondents reported datacenter outages in the past 2 years.

Most common causes –

  1. Human Error – Recovery times is faster, 86% still take more than two days to resolve.
  2. Cybercrime – It is estimated that recovery from Cybercrime often takes 30 days or more.
  3. Natural Disasters – Studies show recovery time from a natural disaster is 16 days – although 30% of affected companies never recover.

Whatever the cause, the real cost of downtime is not only direct revenue loss but also cost to brand and goodwill.

Prepared for the Unknown

Just tell us what you need and we’ll put together the right solution for you – working with cutting-edge partners such as iLand and Acronis to provide a platform that allows your IT workloads to be replicated from virtual or physical environments to an advanced security cloud infrastructure.

  • In the event of an outage switch production workloads to Cloud Data Centre infrastructure in minutes letting you get back to business fast.
  • An intuitive cloud console enables self-service, failover and failback.
  • Test your secure DR solution on demand, knowing that it will work in a real-life disaster.
  • A number of managed options available so that you can increase your business focus.




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