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Solving the Challenge that is Security

Today, it is statistically more likely for a company to suffer a data breach than to catch a cold; that is the reality businesses are facing to secure their IT environment.

Thanks to the constant state of change in technology, the sheer number of security tools in the market and the cybersecurity skills shortage, security is exceptionally difficult to get right, especially if your business doesn’t specialise in providing it.

Understanding this great challenge, XSR Technology has analysed a host of managed security vendors, across multiple disciplines, to partner with a managed security provider that shares our perspective of this great challenge and solves it in partnership with their customers.

Alert Logic comes with one of the best recommendations from XSR Technology

Pioneers in Managed Detection and Response

Founded in 2002, Alert Logic are one of the most experienced security service vendors in the industry. Their methodology leverages an all-encompassing approach to security outsourcing, to solve the challenges of businesses who don’t specialise in security and don’t have the resources or budget to run a security operation in-house.

Security Platform

The Alert Logic security platform features proprietary tooling that enables real-time detection capabilities from end-points and web applications through to systems and networks. Embedded with machine learning and anomaly detection technologies, the platform serves as the basis for initial threat detection across the entire attack surface, to secure any environment, whether based in the cloud or on-premises.

Threat Intelligence

The Alert Logic platform and customers are kept up-to-date by a dedicated threat intelligence team that works closely to the Alert Logic Security Operations Centre, to identify emerging threats, create security content and signatures around the threat and embedding them into the platform, enabling the detection of new threats against their customers’ data. This differs to most competitors who leverage open source threat intelligence feeds to keep their platforms up-to-date.

Security Experts

Awareness of Cybersecurity threats is increasing but companies are still struggling to get the staff to be able to respond to these threats.

Alert Logic’s experts are what set them apart from the majority of competitors and businesses looking to run an internal security operation. Alert Logic has two 24×7 SOC’s operated by 100’s of security analysts who specialise in interpreting and acting on the outcomes of the Alert Logic platform. This provides customers with genuine security outcomes they can use to secure their environment from vulnerabilities and respond to threats in real-time.

See Alert Logic’s SOC operations capabilities, and the value their security experts offer.

One Methodology – 3 Levels of Alert Logic

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