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XSR Technology has partnered with Darktrace to offer Cyber Security solutions for business and enterprise clients. Darktrace is the world’s leading cyber AI company and the creator of Automous Response technology. It’s self-learning AI is modelled on the human immune system to protect against threats to the cloud, email, IoT, Networks and industrial systems.

The Darktrace cyber security solution uses mathematics and unsupervised machine learning to establish behavioural patterns for all devices and users on your network, and then detects subtle deviations from those patterns and alerts you to potentially threatening activity. In addition, the autonomous response capability Antigena fights back against in-progress cyber attacks in a matter of seconds, without any need for human input.

Unlike almost all other security tools, it does not use rules or signatures, it does not pre-define the problem and it does not make assumptions about what “bad” looks like. By understanding exactly how your network usually operates it means that Darktrace is an entirely bespoke security solution.

Darktrace Services

Key Benefits of Darktrace Enterprise

  • Detects and responds to in-progress threats in real time before they do damage
  • Understands your entire business with 100% visibility over the entire digital enterprise
  • Does not require knowledge of past threat to understand new ones
  • Learns on the job by continually updating its understanding as the environment changes
  • Requires no lenghty set up and manual tuning – Installs in one hour

Darktrace Overview

Darktrace Proof of Value

Call us if you would like a 4 week trial without obligation. We can have an appliance deployed in your environment and installed in 1 hour, producing results within days

We will provide an Analysis of what we find and how we find it presented as Weekly, custom-made Threat Intelligence Reports.

In 95% of organisations, Darktrace finds genuine cyber-threats that others have missed. Book a free trial with us and see what’s lurking inside of your organisation.