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This October marks the start of European Cyber Security Month (ECSM) – an awareness campaign to promote the value of information security and the actions which can be taken to safeguard data. ECSM runs for the whole of October, and each week focusses on a different topic, which this year will focus on Cyber Hygiene and Emerging Technology. The general message is that Cyber Security is a shared responsibility. For more information go to the ECSM Website.

If you are reflecting on your own cyber security posture and considering what security tools to deploy for advanced threat detection and response, here are some questions you might want to consider –

1.  What types of solutions are you using for advanced threat detection and response?

2. How do you monitor lateral traffic across your network and cloud?

3. Do you have visibility into the relationship between all users and devices on your network, including IoT devices?

4. Is your security team able to easily sift through all of the security alerts they receive on a daily basis?

5. What happens when a security team isn’t present during a cyber-attack?

6. Do you have a strategy in place for responding to fast-acting threats?

7. Do you have a cloud security strategy?

8. Do you have an insider threat strategy?

If you’re worried about keeping up with emerging, fast-acting and unpredictable threats or simply overwhemled by the amount of security alerts, please contact us for advice. If your organisation lacks 100% visibility over the entire digital Enterprise we can help you sleep easier at night by deploying cutting-edge AI Technology.