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We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with Darktrace to offer Cyber Security solutions for business and enterprise clients. Darktrace is widely recognised as the world’s number one in artificial intelligence for cyber security and has experienced unprecedented growth in the last 5 years.

Darktraces’s approach is fundamentally different and is inspired by the human immune system. Darktrace call it the Enterprise Immune System, a self learning Cyber AI that detects and responds to any potentially threatening behaviour on the network.

The immune system works on the basis of its understanding of self and uses this to effectively target abnormal behaviours , and take action against them. Darktrace software looks across your digital infrastructure and uses unsupervised machine learning to understand what ‘normal’ looks like – by building the, ‘pattern of life’ of an organisation, its devices and people. With this unique view Darktrace can identity and respond to threatening activity, before the damage is done.

Critically Darktrace does not use rules or signatures and does not make assumptions about what ‘bad’ looks like. Instead there is a self learning approach that detects deviations and anomalies, regardless of how and where the activity originated. The advantage is that it can be deployed on any type of network and learns from any data type, so that is truly bespoke to your environment. Finally all this information is brought together in a powerful Threat Visualiser which provides a single pane of glass into what’s going on in your network.

One of the main challenges organisations face is the resource to roll out new technology. Darktrace has been designed with this in mind and can be installed and go live within an hour. There is no set-up and results are delivered from day 1.

We are currently involved in an arm race with attackers starting to take advantage of complex attacks and malware that can do damage at a pace beyond many companies’ ability to defend. Rules and signatures are simply no good in today’s environment . They cannot cope with the complexity of diverse network environments and increasingly complex threat landscape. Darktrace’s Enterprise Immune System is a fundamentally new approach powered by unsupervised machine learning and mathematics.

The best way to test this approach is with a free Proof of Value allowing you to apply the powerful technology to your network and business. During the POV we provide Threat Intelligence Reports highlighting the interesting anomalies we are seeing on your network, which uniquely demonstrates the power of machine learning on raw network data.