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The way we communicate in the office has evolved over the years. Traditionally IT Managers of medium to large size companies operate and maintain an on-site, PBX server for their Unified Communications. This was fine as long as you don’t mind the set-up, maintenance and management fees. As well as this, the ability to add or remove people and the overall complexity is usually a burden to most IT Departments.

If this all seems like a headache then Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) may be the answer. UCaaS, also known as hosted VOIP, takes all the features and functionality of an on-site PBX and moves it seamlessly to the cloud. From a financial consideration it also means your phone system shifts from a capital expense to an operational expense. Another benefit is that it simplifies all your communication related bills into one.

UCaaS is scalable so adding and removing users is easy and its flexible so that you can take a call from home, the office, your mobile or laptop. UCaaS allows you to seamlessly access productivity tools such as Voicemail to Email, CRM, Video and IM. Together with simple, on-the-fly features such as Call Recording, Call Reporting and Conferencing Calling it is easy to see why so many businesses are migrating to a cloud based solution.

If you no longer want to manage and operate your own phone system, continue to deal with Telecom Carriers and pay maintenance on your phone system, then UcaaS could be a great fit. If this sounds interesting, XSR Technology is partnered with the leading global UCaaS Providers (as defined by Gartner). We can discuss a number of different options and support you on a cloud migration journey. If you want to save time and money in reseaching and evaluationg different UCaaS solutions then call us for more information.