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These days for a business to thrive and succeed, quick and reliable email isn’t an option – it’s a necessity. Traditionally businesses have built their own in-house, email platform to provide email to their users. This means that the IT Department has to deal with the complex and expensive setup, the cost of licensing and the headache of IT maintenance – all for a system that usually lacks flexibility and isn’t strategic to the business.

Now there is another option, called Hosted Exchange which is changing the way businesses are providing email to their users. Hosted Exchange functions exactly like an in-house, email platform only it is completely cloud based. With no on-site equipment needed, setup is easy and consolidates all email related costs into one simple bill. Its highly scalable so adding new users is easy. Because Hosted Excahnge is cloud based, customers only pay for what they use with no setup and hardware costs.

With 24×7 Network Operations Centre support you can be confident that your email is always available and secure. This ensures a stable email experience for users and lets the IT Department focus on more strategic areas.

If you would like to know how Hosted Exchange can simplify your email delivery, while saving time and money in the process please contact XSR Technology to discuss the options for your business.